Paul's Desire For Israel Romans 10

Paul's Desire For Israel Romans 10

Paul states that his desire and prayer was that Israel might be saved. God had chosen and used them to bring the Messiah into the world. In doing so, God had given them great privileges and blessings. However, most of Israel had in turn rejected the Messiah who could save them. They had missed the very goal of their being chosen {vs. 4 – Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes}.

This is not to be understood as God's 'fault', for God provided for them to be saved even as He provided for ALL to be saved – through Jesus. The problem was that when Jesus came, they 'did not submit to God's righteousness' (vs. 3); they have not obeyed the gospel (vs. 16); and hence they had not believed (vs. 16).

The scripture says EVERYONE who believes (vs. 11). Hence there is NO distinction between Jew and Gentile on HOW they will be saved. EVERYONE that calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved (13) – but many of the Jewish people refused to do so.

In verses 13-17 Paul outlines the provisions that God had made. In reverse order:

·        God sent the message of salvation through preachers of the gospel (15),

·        Israel heard this messaged,

·        yet they didn't believe it,

·        hence they didn't call upon the name of the Lord. (14).

·        Thus Paul concluded in vs. 16: "they have not all obeyed the gospel".

SOME did – and they WERE saved.

Has God then rejected His people (that is, are all who are Jews rejected BECAUSE they are Jews?)? NO. There has always been a remnant, a small portion of people who had faith such as Abraham. Most of Israel however were "a disobedient and contrary people".

The gospel is God's power to save ALL who believe. Those who reject the gospel have rejected the only means of being forgiven. 

Hugh DeLong