A Generation That Knew Not God

We close the book of Judges by being shown the depravity that Israel had come to. Our reactions? Shock. Disgust. Outrage. All of these and more. With the mention of Aaron's grandson (Phinehas, 20:28), we note that this means these events have come about within something like 100 years of the death of Moses! 

This section is the result of a 'process'. These events did NOT just 'happen'... they were preceded by thoughts, choices, and attitudes - in particular, attitudes toward God. This is the generation that arose who knew not God (2:10). This is the generation that held to a semblance of religion, but it was not God's religion. Instead, they forged their own religion according to their own thoughts and desires (reread chapters 16-18). 

With the willful ignorance of God and His word, they lost not only fear and respect for God, but they also lost their appreciation for man who is made in the image of God. It is hard to read these chapters as we see their utter disregard for the dignity of human life! How in the world can they get here within a generation? The frightening answer is that it is simple! 

Doing what is right in your own eyes is to dethrone God and enthrone self. Man becomes the 'measure of all things'. From Eve in the garden wanting to 'be like God' to these events is not a big jump, rather, it is a predictable outcome. 

Moving to the NT we see this same progression outlined by Paul in Romans 1. They refused to remember God and the downward spiral in morals is almost a commentary on the book of Judges. It repeats itself anytime that men do not know the true and living God.

The antidote begins first with ME. MY attitude toward God must be right. Such attitude towards God will mold my character, my judgments, and my actions. First, I must teach myself and be true to God; THEN I can and must teach the next generation (reread Deuteronomy!).  

"In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight" (Proverbs 3:6). Hugh DeLong