The Better Tabernacle – Hebrews 9

The Better Tabernacle – Hebrews 9

 This isn't a regular written article, but an observation list. I tend to make a lot of these as I read. I have discovered that it greatly adds to grasping the thought and meaning of the text. For this list, I have filled in some verbs to help make the point but usually, I don't. Notice how much of the message of the New Testament is contained within this one chapter.

Jesus is the Christ – 11, 14, 24, 28

He is our High Priest - 11

He entered and ministers in the Greater ‘tent’ – [tabernacle – later the Temple] - 11

            It is the True Holy of Holies - 12, 24

            The NEW is the ‘greater and more perfect tent’ - 11

            It is Heaven ITSELF - 24

            The old covenant things were copies - 23, 24 – they were symbolic - 9

            They were intended only to serve ‘until the time of reformation’ - 10

            Jesus ‘has appeared at the end of the ages’ - 26

He is Now in The presence of God - 24

The great sacrifice is the blood of Christ - 14, 12

With this great sacrifice:

            He is securing eternal redemption - 12

            He redeems them from the transgressions - 15

            He can purify our conscience - 14

            We may receive the promised eternal inheritance - 15

He is our Mediator - 15

He is the mediator of the New Covenant - 15

            The covenant Takes effect only at death - 17

His sacrificial death is Offered ONCE for ALL - 12, 26, 27, 28, never to be repeated.

He Will appear a 2nd time - 28

This will NOT BE TO deal with Sin - 28

BUT to ‘save those who are eagerly waiting for Him” - 28


This is an impressive chapter. Are you ready and eagerly waiting for Jesus’ return?