False teachers - 2 Peter 2

False teachers - 2 Peter 2

Peter makes a basic observation concerning false teachers: there always has been such and always will be such. Also, there will always be people who are deceived and follow them. Read the 2nd chapter of 2 Peter over again and notice Peter's very pointed statements about such false teachers:

Secretly - they often hide and conceal their corruptive teaching knowing that it is not acceptable. 

Destructive - the end result of their work

  • destructive / destruction - 1
  • destruction - 3
  • destroyed/destruction - 12,
  • utter gloom reserved for them - 17

Sensuality - 

  • Indulge in the lust of defiling passion - 10
  • Revel in the daytime - 13
  • Eyes full of adultery - 14
  • Insatiable for sin
  • Greed (14) - love the gain from wrongdoing - 15
  • Entice others by sensual passions of the flesh. 18

Despise authority (in particular - God, Jesus, God’s word)

Bold - what starts as ‘secret’ become bold when they have built a base of followers. 

Willful - while in one sense they themselves are deceived, it is also a choice they make of what they believe, what they teach, and how they act. 

Like irrational animals – their behavior is often ruled by instinct and not righteous judgment - 

False teachers DO AFFECT others - those who believe their lies and error!

  • Promise freedom - but enslave…  19-20
  • Latter end —> worse 

Examples of God dealing with such:

  • Angels - 4
  • Noah’s world - 5
  • Sodom & Gomorrah - 6
  • YET - rescued righteous Lot -..

God knows how to rescue and to punish. 9

Peter’s admonition is that we as God’s people need to know the truth so that we can detect and avoid such wrong-headed teaching. Therein lies the biggest danger for those who are ignorant cannot discern the differences are thus easily mislead with devastating eternal consequences. He concludes this letter instructing us to “... grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen." (2 Peter 3:18)  Be Not Deceived.    

Hugh DeLong