Undisputed writings of Paul and their dates

Undisputed writings of Paul and their dates

While there has been discussion over the authenticity of some of the books of the New Testament, there is almost no dispute that Paul wrote the following books (and the dates which he wrote them):

·        1 Thessalonians         52-53

·        Galatians         55

·        1 Corinthians 57

·        2 Corinthians 57

·        Romans           57-58

·        Philippians     62-63

·        Philemon         62-63

The Death of Jesus is commonly given as 33 a.d. Thus, we understand that the conversion of Paul was after THAT! Noting the dates commonly assigned to these letters written by Paul, we see that they were written within 20-30 years of the death of Jesus. During these years, Paul was preaching the same gospel that he now writes to these churches. We then can learn what was BELIEVED by ‘early’ Christians – what TAUGHT in Paul’s early letters and in his teaching in person.

Jesus In Galatians.

·        God was His Father – hence He was the Son of God (1:1)

·        He is THE Christ – 1:1 He is the fulfillment of the promises of the Old Covenant: SOMEONE is coming now is HE IS HERE.

·        He was raised from the dead – 1:1 He came in the flesh, lived in the flesh, and died in the flesh (contra the claims of Islam and unbelievers), but he was declared to be the son of God by the resurrection (Rom. 1:3).

·        He is the LORD – 1:3 He was glorified, given all authority in heaven and earth, a name above every name, and is LORD OF ALL.

·        He GAVE Himself for our sins – 1:4 He not only DIED, he died as our sacrifice for sin.

·        Through Jesus we are rescued from this evil age (1:4)

·        The message concerning Jesus is GOOD NEWS – the Gospel – 1:6

·        The message has oft been distorted, changed, corrupted – 1:7. Such was being done even from the very early days of Christianity. There WAS a unified understanding among these early disciples concerning who Jesus was and what he did. There were false teachers, but that implies that there was truth that was deviated from.

·        To change this message is to be accursed of God – 1:8. Such prohibition applied even to the apostles (cp. 1:8 and 2:11-13).

·        This message from the apostles was given to them by revelation of Jesus Christ (1:12). They knew their teaching was from God, it was inspired, it was authoritative (cp. 1Cor. 14:37, etc.).

Many people believe many things about Jesus, but what you will be held accountable for is what YOU believe about Jesus. Are you holding on to what was first delivered by the apostles, or have you been led to believe a different gospel? 

Hugh DeLong