Let Us in Hebrews 4

Let Us in Hebrews 4

A favorite expression of the writer of Hebrews is his exhortation “let us”. A quick search with a bible program shows it is used 13 times in the NASB. Of course, by itself it doesn’t indicate WHAT we are to do, so it is coupled with various instructions.

·        Let us FEAR – lest any fall short.

·        Let us BE DILIGENT to enter God’s rest for us, lets some fall through disobedience.

·        Let us HOLD FAST our confession of faith, knowing we have a sympathizing High Priest in Jesus.

·        Let us DRAW NEAR so that we may receive mercy and find grace.

FEAR, from the Greek phobos, meaning “a state of severe distress, aroused by intense concern for impending pain, danger, evil, etc.” Why? Because, although we have the promise of the coming rest, SOME can come short of reaching it. Many different reasons for this, but the problem is their faith. Not that they never believed (hence, the ‘any one of YOU), but that their faith fails.

The antidote to such falling short is to GIVE DILIGENCE to enter. The falling is through disobedience, the diligence pertains to our continued obedience unto Christ’s teaching.

Thus, we HOLD FAST the same confession that we made at the beginning: I believe that Christ died for my sins and was raised as my High Priest and mediator. Such confession gets tested by life! Some “believe for a while and in time of temptation fall away” (Luke 8:13).

Such falling does not have to be final, for we have a high priest who has been tempted in all things even as we. He therefor understands and sympathizes with our situation. There is the continued offer of mercy, grace, and forgiveness if we will just return and DRAW NEAR to Him in repentance.

So, Let us fear, be diligent, hold fast, and draw near and we will find grace to help in time of need.

Hugh DeLong