Paul’s Prayer FOR These Disciples

Paul’s Prayer FOR These Disciples

Colossians 1:9-12

Filled with the knowledge of HIS will. While we can begin our spiritual journey with some rudimentary knowledge, we cannot continue this journey without growing. We begin our spiritual journey as ‘babes in Christ’, but we must continue to grow in maturity.

Interesting difference in OUR world and the world of the 1st century as pertains to literacy!

             Most could NOT read. Many that could read could not write.

See new book on the writing of the NT -

Yet, God chose to reveal His will with accompanied written documents!

Such documents were made with difficulty and expense. Such proliferation of such was difficult, expensive, and time consuming! YET, such was not only done but changed the use of reading material and writing. (i.e., ‘books’ vs. scrolls).


             1. Public reading – Col. 4:16! Rev. 1:  ;

             2. copying and sharing of such letters!

With our ability to read and the abundance of copies (cheap, translations, iPads, phone, etc.), there simply is NO excuse for our lack of such knowledge. YET, even among us there seems to be less knowledge. As in the days long ago, God can say ‘My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”    

With such knowledge, can have


                          True wisdom is that which is ‘from above’ – cp. James 3!

             Such allows choosing ‘right and wrong’, but also between ‘good and better’, ‘legal and profitable’.


THIS will let us WALK in a manner worthy of the Lord.

NOT all lifestyles are pleasing to the Lord nor worthy of Him. Some things are a reproach on the very character of God! Such is shameful to a godly man and as such should not be part of our lifestyle.

             Please Him (not myself, not ‘us’, not the world, etc., but the LORD)

             Bearing FRUIT – the fruit of righteousness / Spirit – Gal. 5:22-23

Increasing in knowledge!

             This is an upward cycle (as opposed to the toilet bowl cycle of worldliness!)

             With such increase in knowledge come an increase in strength (of character, purpose, resolve)

This leads to

·        steadfastness

·        patience;

·        joy

·        12 giving thanks