Reactions To Jesus - Luke 8

Reactions To Jesus - Luke 8

As we read through the eighth chapter of Luke, we encounter many different beings and see many different reactions to Jesus. Jesus is the same, but how people perceive him and react to Him is different.

His mother and brothers came seeking Him. Why? We are not told. Jesus did use this as an occasion to teach that His spiritual relationships with people go far beyond the fleshly relationships of this life. Those spiritual relationships are conditioned upon hearing the word of God and doing it. (21).

After He stills the storm on the Sea of Galilee by simply commanding the elements, the disciples are 'fearful and amazed'. They pondered who this really is that "commands even the winds and water, and they obey Him?" (25).

The demons named Legion knew He was Jesus, Son of the Most High God (28). The 'begged Him" not to torment them (28). They "implored him" not to command them to go away into the abyss (31). They "implored Him to permit them to enter the swine" (32). The story shows that they then obeyed His command. He had commanded them to come out of the man (29) and they came out of the man (33).

The Gerasene people, upon learning of His power over these demons, came and "asked Him to leave them". They failed to see that He used his power for good and not harm. In their failure to understand they were gripped with great fear (37). Interesting, when they asked Him to leave, He did. Be careful what you ask of Jesus!

The man who was freed from the demons begged Jesus that he might be allowed to follow Him. In spite of such great desire, when Jesus instructed him to return to his family and inform them of what great things Jesus had done for him, he obeyed and went.

As Jesus returned "to His own city" (Matt. 9:1), the people welcomed Him, for they had all been waiting for Him.

Jairus comes imploring Jesus to come to his house because his only daughter was dying. He trusts that Jesus not only CAN change this situation but that He was WILLING to do so. He thus did not just ask, but implored Jesus.

They crowd that had gathered at Jairus' house, laughed at Jesus when He told them that the girl 'has not died, but is sleeping' (53). They knew she HAD died, but they had no faith that Jesus would make her alive again.

When Jesus comes to the girl, He called saying, "child, arise!" (vs. 54). The body without the spirit is dead, but now, at the calling of Jesus, her spirit returned and she is alive. She got up immediately.

Many feared Jesus. Some laughed at Him. The apostles were awed by His power and authority. The man now freed from demons desired to be in His presence but was willing to be obedient. His own family sought to be with Him.

What you think of Jesus does not change who He is! He is the Son of the Most High God. He has all authority in heaven and upon earth. What matters is how you respond to Him. Do you long for fellowship? Do you desire to have Him in your life? Are you willing to be obedient even when it is difficult? Your response is YOUR choice. Choose wisely. 

Hugh DeLong