Revelation 5

Today’s reading is Revelation 5.

We’ve met the Bride and the Father, now we meet the Hero. Of course, the Hero was the one walking among the lampstands, but we meet Him in the story. He is the Lion. However, He didn’t play His part by attacking the prey. Rather, He played His part by being the Lamb that was slain. Because He was willing to step down from His role as Lion and into the role of Lamb, He became worthy to open the scrolls of God’s plan. He has become worthy to receive honor and glory and blessing. He is worthy for every knee to bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord and He is worthy. That is our Lord. Praise God! The story is going to get bleak over the following chapters. But this is our Hero, and be aware right here from the beginning: He always wins!

  Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, don’t be confused. The Lion and the Lamb are the same person. This is a struggle folks often have with Revelation. The symbolism and figures can get confusing. More than one symbol can be pointing to the same thing. That is exactly what is happening here. John is seeing the one who is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. But when he looks, the Lion isn’t in that form, rather He is in the form of a Lamb who was slain. In either image, that is Jesus, our Savior. As I told your parents, things are going to look bleak for Him in this story sometimes, but see right here from the beginning that He has already won. The worst that could happen to Him already has. He has already died and already been victorious over death. So, hang on with Him through all this story and through all your life. Jesus always wins.

Edwin Crozier