Revelation 7

Today’s reading is Revelation 7.

The point behind the 144,000 is not to suggest only 144,000 from all of human history are saved or that only 144,000 Jews are saved. After all, behind that image is the multitude beyond number from all tribes, tongues, and peoples. The point is that God is able to seal those who are His. God is able to protect those who are His from the horrific judgment He will bring on His enemies. The Lord knows those who are His. If you are in Christ, you will not accidentally get lost through some heavenly red-tape or bureaucracy. When judgment comes, those who belong to the Lord will be delivered without fear or fail. In other words, the only way for you to get lost in the judgment is if you let go of the Lord. Otherwise, He knows you are His and He will deliver you. Praise the Lord!

 A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, hang on to this promise. The Lord knows those who are His. This is especially important when we recognize that between the Hero going forth to conquer and the actual victory, we will go through a good bit of suffering. In that dark time, Satan wants us to believe Jesus has lost us, God has forgotten us, the Spirit has overlooked us. Nope! God knows us. He is hanging on to us and will not let go if we don’t. Praise the Lord! He knows those who are His no matter what the enemy throws at us.

Edwin Crozier