Revelation 9

Today’s reading is Revelation 9.

What is up with locusts and wild horses? There is no need to look beyond what the text says to figure out what John is seeing. In Revelation 9:18, John calls these strange events plagues. In other words, we don’t have to wonder if he is talking about some strange war that might happen off in the future. Rather, he is calling to mind something that happened in the past. He is calling to mind, as he will do several times throughout this vision, the plagues that God sent against Pharaoh and Egypt. The description here is much more intense. It is grander and greater and more destructive. But it is still supposed to remind us of those plagues. Why? Because the outcome is the same. No matter what God sends to teach the enemies about His greatness and how they should surrender to Him, they won’t. They don’t repent. They continue to rebel against Him instead of surrendering to Him as King. In other words, the King went out conquering and to conquer, but instead of the enemies recognizing His superiority and surrendering, they will keep fighting. God will extend patience. Instead of just immediately wiping them out, He will send only partial judgment intended to give many the opportunity to repent and give allegiance to Him. But they won’t. Of course, this means many faithful will get caught up in the crossfire. Remember, however, the Lord knows those who are His. Even if His faithful die as the enemy reacts, they will still be delivered. Praise the Lord!

 A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I know it is more weird stuff in today’s part of the story. But is there anything in the story that reminds you of something you’ve learned about in other parts of the Bible? Do you remember the plague of locusts God sent against Egypt? That is exactly what you are supposed to remember when you read this chapter. Sure, these locusts are greater, grander, more vicious. But the point is the same. God is sending judgment on the enemies. His intention is to bring them to repentance and surrender. However, just like Pharaoh, they won’t repent. They will increase their sin and their persecution of Christians. All of this is actually talking about things that happened to Christians 2000 years ago, back when this book was written. However, when we go through similar issues today, we can take just as much confidence as they could that our God will win no matter what it looks like today. Remember, in the end, God always wins!

Edwin Crozier