Revelation 10

Today’s reading is Revelation 10

How frustrating! Is God taunting us? Here are seven thunders that said something, but He doesn’t let us know what. Why even make us aware that the seven thunders sounded? Perhaps because we need to understand 1) God knows what we don’t and 2) we don’t get to know everything. However, do you catch what happens next? The angel announces that in the seventh trumpet the mystery of God would be fulfilled just as he announced to His prophets. That is, the mysteries that benefit us, that help us, that we need to know, we get to know. He reveals those to us. Let’s face it. Whether we like it or not, our human minds cannot handle all that God knows. But our God is a good God and reveals all we need to know. The question isn’t whether we should get to know what was in the thunders, the question is whether we will listen to what God has revealed. What about today? Will you spend more time worrying about what God hasn’t revealed, or more time living by what He has?

 A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, what about that scroll that John had to eat? That is weird, huh? This reminds us of the scroll Ezekiel ate when God called him to prophesy in Ezekiel 2:8-10. The idea of eating the scroll, if I understand it correctly, is getting God’s Word inside us. Of course, we don’t literally eat our Bibles. However, we need God’s Word on the inside. We need to read it, study it, learn it, memorize it. God’s Word was sweet to the taste, but bitter in the stomach. What is that about? John was going to have to proclaim God’s Word to people who would refuse to listen. They were heading for judgment and punishment, and John was going to have to tell them so. He didn’t want them to go through punishment and judgment anymore than God wants them to. It is bitter to tell people truth and watch them ignore it. It is bitter to experience the reactions of those who hate God’s Word. It is bitter to experience the ended relationships when folks ignore God and His Word. But the only way to save them is to tell them. And some will listen. So we keep telling it even when it gives us knots in our stomach.

Edwin Crozier