Revelation 18

Today’s reading is Revelation 18.

Babylon is Fallen! We have been repeating the cycle over and over. Jesus goes out to conquer, but things don’t seem to be going His way, but then He wins. We come to the ending of the final cycle. Each time, we’ve been given a fuller picture of the story. For the next several chapters, we’ll see the judgment of the enemies and the victory of Jesus. Heaven rejoices! The apostles, prophets, and saints rejoice. And what an interesting statement is made in Revelation 18:18. “What city was like the great city?” In one sense, no city. Babylon was vile, immoral, ungodly. However, it is actually an ironic question. When asked from the perspective of what other city was so mighty as Babylon, the obvious answer is, “Well, the city of God which defeated Babylon.” We’ll meet that city in a couple of chapters, but we already know who that city is, right? Yep. It’s us. We are the city of God. No matter how mighty Babylon, Rome, Moscow, London, Washington ever think they are, the Heavenly Jerusalem is more mighty and will always come out victorious. Praise the Lord!

 A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, we are wrapping up our look at this very odd book. I’m glad you’ve stuck with us getting some insights into what is going on. As often happens in great stories, there is an enemy city which wants to dominate the city of the Hero. The Hero has to conquer the enemy king, the enemy city, the enemy army in order to deliver the good kingdom. I know there is a lot of overlap in the imagery. Babylon is at the same time the wicked seductress and the enemy city. However, it doesn’t matter which metaphor John uses, Jesus, our Hero wins. Babylon falls. While John was speaking of a particular enemy of God in His day, it applies to all the enemies who ever arise against Jesus and His Kingdom. No matter what it looks like now, hang on to Jesus. He always wins!

Edwin Crozier